10 food that helps to lose weight

including some foods that help to lose weight in your diet may be the key to starting to burn the accumulated fatty foods. This is why some of these foods can improve intestinal transit, as well as combat fluid retention, causing much complaint and discomfort.

in addition, some specific foods help to slim, because they have a direct action on metabolism, accelerating the burning of body fat, is the case of green tea to oats and eggplant, for example.

food that helps to lose weight

Some foods may help in the slimming process, either by promoting a mobilisation of metabolism or by providing increased feeling of satiety.

Remembering that these strong Foods That Help To Lose Weight should be consumed daily to observe some benefit. In addition, in order to lose weight in a natural and healthy way, it is essential to maintain a healthy diet that is poor in sugar, fat, frits and industrialised foods.

The practice of physical activity< / a> is also very important for achieving diet success.

Check out our list now with 10 foods that help you lose weight< / on> to include already in your daily diet:
1. Cinnamon< / h2>

Cinnamon is a thermogenic food, that is, it naturally increases the burning of fat and calories, having as its main effect a natural acceleration of metabolism. Cinnamon also tends to diminish that uncontrollable urge to eat sweet, which can be very interesting for anxious people.

It is recommended to consume up to two teaspoons a day of cinnamon, and it can be added in fruits, recipes or consumed in the form of tea.

As it can be added to various preparations, it is a very practical food to be consumed. See other thermogenic Foods here< / a>.
2. Eggplant< / h2>
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<p>Eggplant is a food that helps a lot to lose weight, and can be used in several delicious recipes (such as this Eggplant Lasagna). Very rich in fiber and nutrients, it helps in the proper functioning of the intestine and in the fight against bad cholesterol.</p>
<p>As it is rich in fibers, it increases the feeling of satiety, preventing you from feeling hungry all the time.</p>
<p>It is also rich in water, vitamins and minerals, and has very few calories, it is only 25 kcal for every 100 grams.</p>
<p>It combats the fluid retention and helps to disinchant the organism, making a real cleaning of the accumulated toxins.<br />
3. Whole rice< / h2><br />
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Whole rice is richer in fiber than traditional white rice, this generates a much greater sense of satiety, making the amount of food consumed smaller and in fact you slim.

It is also very rich in nutrients, especially Vitamins of complex B, and minerals such as zinc and selenium. See here how to cook a single, delicious rice.
4. Mammary < / h2>

Maman is a fibre-rich diuretic fruit that can be used daily to fight the lazy intestine due to its laxative effect.

In addition, fruit can be used to help control diabetes and relieve symptoms of stomach discomfort caused especially by gastritis.

Eat a slice of chopped papaya every day like breakfast or even afternoon snack, and you’ll see how your intestinal health will improve and a lot. Of all the strong foods that help to lose weight, the Mammon is the one that helps lessen that dull feeling of swollen belly.
5. Apple< / h2>

One apple a day keeps you away from the doctor. This proverb sums up well what food offers for the health of our body.

The Apple is a fruit rich in antioxidants, and interesting nutrient for those who want to lose weight like pectin a type of soluble fiber found in some fruits and vegetables. Learn more about pectin here.

The fruit as well as super tasty, can help digestion and balance the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. A cinnamon-baked apple dessert, for example, contains very few calories, as well as being very nutritious is very tasty.

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6. Oats< / h2>

Oats is a < em>food that helps to lose weight< / em>, regulates the intestine and lowers high cholesterol. As it is rich in soluble fibers and proteins, it promotes an increase in the sensation of satiety and regulates the functioning of the intestine. It can also help in the control of blood glucose and high cholesterol, being very beneficial to health.

Oatmeal can be consumed in various ways, be it in chopped fruits, vitamins, cakes and biscuits.
7. Carioca beans < / h2>

Beans, as well as other legumes, such as peas, lentils and chickpeas, are sources of protein and dietary fibre, which combat intestinal problems such as constipation, provide greater satiety.

The beans provide healthy carbohydrates, which will serve as a constituent for the “Pike” of everyday life. In addition, beans are rich in essential nutrients for a healthy organism, in particular vitamins of complex B, and mineral salts such as iron, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

Just consume 3 tablespoons a day to get its benefits, especially when it is consumed along with other sources of quality proteins such as soybeans and chickpeas.
8. Watermelon< / h2>

Watermelon is a fruit very rich in water and has almost zero calories, and is widely used in slimming diets for this reason. In addition to disinfecting and controlling the high pressure, it helps in cleaning the body by making a real detox in the body.

For this reason, it is widely used in the preparation of the juice detox, it can also be mixed with other ingredients such as ginger root and green tea, which stimulates the effect of fat reducing and detox.
9. Green tea< / h2>

Green tea is a natural thermogenic that accelerates body metabolism, this facilitates fat loss and calories. It is among the most consumed teas in the world and can also be consumed, in the form of capsules, under the guidance of the doctor or nutritionist.

It has substances known as catechins and bioflavonoids, capable of preventing changes in the DNA of our cells, thus preventing the development of diseases such as cancer. See how to make tea here< / a>.
10. Pineapple< / h2>

Pineapple is rich in water and vitamin C, a (betacarotene), B, and minerals such as calcium, zinc, potassium, and magnesium.

The pineapple is diuretic and fights fluid retention, in addition to reducing the swelling of the belly. Those who do not appreciate its more acid taste can try baking it in the cinnamon oven.